Primary Evolution

This collection of resources supports the teaching of 'Evolution and Inheritance' at primary level, providing videos and hands-on activities around the tricky concepts of Variation, Adaptation, Natural Selection and Evolution. The resources include: a news report on the Evolution of Life on Earth, an activity looking at dinosaur adaptations, a simulation of how antibiotic resistant bacteria occurs through evolution and a video explaining how evolution works. This collection has been provided by Primary Evolution, produced by Reading University with support from the Wellcome Trust.



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Adaptations and Evolution


Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria

This primary level activity linked to evolution and inheritance looks at the adaptations of bacteria and how adaptation causes problems when treating a bacterial infection with antibiotics. The occurrence of antibiotic resistant bacteria is caused by evolutionary adaptation, by understanding how the bacteria are...

Evolutionary History of Life

This resource links to evolution and inheritance, providing a video of a news report on the history of life on Earth. A newsreader highlights the progression of some species from ‘simple’ life such as single celled organisms progressing to more complex organisms at different stages in evolutionary history,...


This activity helps to show how fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth in the past. It includes a short video, which explains what fossils are and how they are formed and shows how to make a replica fossil using dinosaur footprints and Plaster of Paris.

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