Financial Maths

This collection of resources is produced by the Core Maths Support Programme to support the implementation of Core Maths. The collection contains a range of activities all designed to enable students to use and apply financial mathematics in unfamiliar contexts.



In this Core Maths activity students are drafted into a company’s marketing department for a day. Students have to make assumptions in order to decide how to budget £100,000 across the three forms of advertising available to them (TV, radio and billboards).

Marketing: Teacher Guidance

Mortgages and spreadsheets

This Core Maths task involves the analysis of mortgage repayments and requires the calculation of percentages and the use of a spreadsheet.

A help sheet is included in the materials for students who are not confident with spreadsheets.

The task is suitable for work in pairs or small groups. The...

Percentages in finance: assessment

To complete this Core Maths students need to be familiar with financial concepts including taxation, National Insurance, and buying and selling shares.

The assessment task os based on the use of percentages in a range of financial contexts. Students need to be proficient in calculating...

Rich aunt

This Core Maths activity allows students to explore the difference between linear and exponential sequences and their sums.

The SMILE resources on which the lesson is based can be found here. Details of prior student knowledge, suggested approaches...


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