Numbers and Measures

This collection of resources is produced by the Core Maths Support Programme to support the implementation of Core Maths. The collection contains a range of activities all designed to enable students to use and apply mathematics in unfamiliar contexts.


Percentages in finance: assessment

To complete this Core Maths students need to be familiar with financial concepts including taxation, National Insurance, and buying and selling shares.

The assessment task os based on the use of percentages in a range of financial contexts. Students need to be proficient in calculating...

Removal company

This Core Maths task involves estimation and performing simple calculations based on volume, proportion and converting units (i.e. gallons and litres).

The short presentation introduces the task, which is to provide a quote for a house removal company and...

Shape and space

In this Core Maths activity student pairs are asked to identify the force on the foundations of twelve iconic buildings. Both the volume and surface area of the buildings need to be calculated, with appropriate estimations made. Students are then asked to place the buildings in order of foundation strength.


Skin Area

The task is to consider the process of making estimates to use in calculations before moving to the specific task of estimating the total surface area (i.e. skin area) of a volunteer. This is a readily accessible task, with students only needing basic measurement and estimation skills to get started. It is suitable...


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