Numbers and Measures

This collection of resources is produced by the Core Maths Support Programme to support the implementation of Core Maths. The collection contains a range of activities all designed to enable students to use and apply mathematics in unfamiliar contexts.


Mental maths and algebra

Students are presented with two calculation ‘tricks’ involving squaring two digit numbers. They then use algebra to explore the reasons why the method works.

The short presentation can be used to show examples to illustrate each of the methods.

The teachers' notes outline the task and suggest that...

Mortgages and spreadsheets

This Core Maths task involves the analysis of mortgage repayments and requires the calculation of percentages and the use of a spreadsheet.

A help sheet is included in the materials for students who are not confident with spreadsheets.

The task is suitable for work in pairs or small groups. The...

Mr man's birthday

This task requires students to find dates of birth where the square of the year (the last two digits) gives the day and the month, e.g. 26/01/51, because 512 = 2601.

Students then need to use Fermi estimates to calculate how many people might have been born on these dates. The activity sheet gives...

Olympic medal ranking

This Core Maths task looks at how countries are ranked at the 2012 Olympic Games. Students use Excel to order the data and are asked to comment on whether the ranking is fair. This activity is designed to then lead to a discussion of weighted rankings.

The teachers' notes give an outline of the task and...


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