Geometry and Measure

This sub-collection of resources from the Virtual Text Book collection contains nineteen resources designed for use on an interactive whiteboard to aid the teaching and learning of a variety of topics in ‘Geometry’. Each resource is an interactive Excel worksheet to encourage teacher-student interaction.

The topics covered are:

• 2D and 3D

• Angles and Triangles

• Arcs and Sectors of Circles

• Area and Perimeter

• Bearings

• Circle Geometry

• Cuboids

• Earth Geometry

• Geometry: Construction proof

• Loci

• Perspective

• Polygons (regular)

• Prisms

• Quadrilaterals

• Similarity

• Tetrahedrons

• Time: Clocks – Analogue and Digital

• Transformations

• Vectors



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2D and 3D

This resource consists of two interactive excel programs. The first allows students to explore 2D representations of solids. The second provides problems relating to angles and lengths within solids which need to be solved using trigonometry.

Drawing 3D in 2D This excel file deals with 2D...

Angles and Triangles

This resource consists of two interactive excel programs. The first deals with basic angle facts and recognition of types of triangle. Depending on how it is used, the second could require the use of Pythagoras' Theorem and trigonometry. The second excel file could also be used to provides problems relating to the...

Arcs and Sectors of Circles

The first two sheets of this excel file remind students of terminology associated with circles and the formulae for area and circumference of a circle. The next five sheets deal with finding the arc length as a fraction of the circumference with worked examples of the...

Area and Perimeter

This resource consists of two interactive excel files.

Area and Perimeter: Algebraic, Rectangles
The first two sheets...