Value for money

This sub-collection of materials of the dy/dan collection contains three resources that bring mathematical storytelling to the classroom in the context of ‘value for money’. Resources comprise:

  • Act One: a video or photograph to provide a ‘hook’ to the problem

  • Act Two: further relevant information for solving the problem

  • Act Three: the payoff from the hard work of earlier acts in the form of a video or photograph that resolves the problem

Each resource employs whichever of the ‘acts’ are necessary to accomplish telling the mathematical story.



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Obscure geometry

A video is shown of a square with its diagonals marked. The resulting regions are, of course, 25% of the whole square. A motion graphic shows one of the diagonals sliding down a side to rest at the mid-point. What percentage of the whole is each region?

This is an adaptation of a print-based task designed by...