Value for money

This sub-collection of materials of the dy/dan collection contains three resources that bring mathematical storytelling to the classroom in the context of ‘value for money’. Resources comprise:

  • Act One: a video or photograph to provide a ‘hook’ to the problem

  • Act Two: further relevant information for solving the problem

  • Act Three: the payoff from the hard work of earlier acts in the form of a video or photograph that resolves the problem

Each resource employs whichever of the ‘acts’ are necessary to accomplish telling the mathematical story.



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Gas station ripoff

Act 1

Three petrol station pumps are shown with the amount of fuel and price being shown. Which of these gas pumps are trying to rip you off?

Act 3

An animated graph shows that for pump 1 the relationship between quantity of fuel and price is non-linear, and this is the one that is trying to...

Pain relief

Act 1

A picture is shown some packs of pain relief tablets...

Shower v bath

Act 1

A video is shown of a person running a bath, and a...

Partial products

There are three pictures given of multipacks of food. In each case, some items have been removed from the multipack, and the shopper wishes to purchase the quantities left. The prices are given for a full multipack for each product. What is the total grocery bill?