Science Resources

A collection of early years science resources designed to help early years practitioners support children in their early stages of learning science. The resources include activities, games and educational display materials.



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Children Dressed for the Seasons Posters

Linked to the topic of seasons this resource contains a selection of posters depicting the months of year and a child wearing the correct clothes for each season. The posters are ideal to use when discussing different weather conditions with children in early years or lower primary school.

This resource has...

Weather and Seasons Word Mats

Aimed at early years and lower primary this resource contains a selection of word mats displaying keywords and illustrations relating to the weather and the four seasons. It provides an ideal literacy aid / prompt when discussing the seasons. This resource has been provided by Early Learning HQ.

Weather Picture Cards

This resource contains a selection of picture cards depicting different weather conditions which can be used when learning about weather and the seasons. The children in each picture are dressed in appropriate clothes so that children are encouraged to think about the temperature as well as the obvious weather...

Pirate Themed Bee Bot Mat

Aimed at early years and lower primary this resource supports the learning of basic programming. It contains a printable pirate themed programmable robot mat on a grid. Children can program a Bee Bot to visit several sites on the pirate island and reach a treasure chest. It is designed to be printed in several A4...