Numeracy Resources

A collection of early years maths/numeracy resources designed to help early years practitioners support children in their early stages of learning mathematics. These resources are designed to help children’s emerging understanding and use of numbers and counting and lay strong foundations in mathematics.



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Coin Spinners

This activity contains a set of 10 coin spinners, which show four segments containing a collection of British coins. The spinners may be used to play coin matching and counting games. Once printed on A4 paper at 100% the coins will be actual size.

This resource has been provided by Early Learning HQ.

Festive Board Game

This Christmas themed game suitable for early years encourages basic counting skills in an engaging way. Players race to the presents along an icy path, following instructions as they land on various squares. This resource has been provided by Early Learning HQ.

Pirate Board Game

Aimed at Early Years this game provides many opportunities for developing number recognition, counting skills and discussion.

Each player is given a certain amount of coins at the start and as they travel along the board they will gain or lose coins depending on the cards that they are required to pick up....

2D Bingo

This set of bingo cards supports children learn about 2D shapes in a fun and engaging way. It contains twelve bingo cards which can be printed off and laminated, allowing children to circle the shapes from a description of their properties.

This resource has been provided by Early Learning HQ.