Compass: Common Problem Solving Strategies as Links between Mathematics and Science

This project worked to provide teachers with rich tasks to develop interdisciplinary approaches that bring together mathematics and science. The materials support students in exploring meaningful problems in a European context in ways that develop their scientific problem solving and inquiry skills. They are innovative and important for teachers and students across the EU as they promote the application of mathematics and science in understanding the world in which we live.

The materials were developed across six nations with the project team working in partnership with mathematics and science teachers to ensure the adaptability of the tasks in different nations. The result is a new approach to the development of important mathematics and science skills that students taking part and their teachers found highly motivating.



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Biodiversity *suitable for home teaching*

Sovon, a Dutch bird protection organisation, counts birds. The number of greylag geese is increasing. Students are asked to investigate whether this increase is worrying for the diversity of water bird species? Students explore what the concept biodiversity means, how it can be described mathematically and what are...

Car Pollution

In this activity students consider the questions:

• Why is the car manufacturer interested in planting trees?
• How much pollution do cars cause?
• How can plants compensate for car pollution?
• What...

Dangerous Cold

In this activity students consider the questions: How does heat energy move around? How can we model the flow of energy and changes in temperature? What can be done to prevent hypothermia? Why do we need to try so hard to stay at the right temperature? In order to survive and be comfortable in hot or cold...

Dangerous Rain

In this activity students consider the questions: Where does rain water go? How can we model the flow of rainwater in real life? What can be done to prevent flooding? When is rain dangerous? Where do floods come from? How can we reduce the damage that flooding causes? Over the last decade some parts of Europe have...