European Universe Awareness (UNAWE)

European Universe Awareness (UNAWE) comprises a global network of almost 500 astronomers, teachers and educators. Providing a platform for sharing ideas, best practice and resources it aims to broaden children’s horizons beyond their local area and to show them that they are part of a global community. The resources in this collection support the teaching of Earth and Space and light to primary age children, offering many practical ideas in a topic specific and cross curricular way.



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This selection of eight short stories from around the world shows how myths have arisen which explain the formation of star constellations, phases of the moon, the creation of the Earth and the Sun and Moon. Whilst linking to learning in literacy about myths and legends...

Earth Ball Activity Book

This booklet provides a range of activities which look at the Earth and what we can find out about it. Cross curricular activities encompass science, geography and literacy and include facts, question sheets and practical activities, all designed to provoke interest and awareness of the Earth and its place in the...

The Earth is a Ball

This activity looks at the shape of the Earth and the reasons why we have day and night. It includes a game “The Earth goes on a Spin”; in which children role-play the Sun and the Earth. In other activities children think about the sounds that are heard during day and night. The activities require the use of an...


This resource contains 12 lessons, for students aged 8 to 12, that look at radio waves and other invisible forms of light. Lesson 1: Looking at radio telescopes and objects that do and do not use radio waves Lesson 2: Making an antenna dish from paper to amplify your voice Lesson 3: A discussion on X-rays Lesson 4...


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