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This set of three activities is based around the sense of taste.  Activities support children to understand how different parts of the tongue are better for identifying certain tastes, how we inherit the ability to detect certain tastes from our parents and explores the phenomenon of ‘chemethesis’ where certain food cause physical sensations such as pain, heat or cold.  Some of the activities are designed to be carried out using an accompanying kit, although in most cases teachers would be able to carry out the activity using readily available resources to replace items from the kit.


Taste sensitivity testing

In this activity children investigate how sensitive the tongue is to different tastes. First they devise a way of recording the intensity of each kind of taste, so they can compare the different food that they are provided with. They then taste the different food samples, recording the intensity of each taste. ...


In this activity children explore the phenomenon of chemsthesis where certain foods cause sensations such as heat, cold or pain.  Children explore the effect of holding a fizzy drink in their mouth for a period of time and compare this with related experiences such as tasting menthol mints, spicy food or crying in...

How can our genes affect what we taste?

In this activity children investigate how our ability to identify certain tastes is inherited from our parents.  Using PTC paper strips children test who can detect a strong bitter taste, who can detect a mild bitter taste and who cannot taste anything. This resource has been provided by Flavour Sense Nation

Five basic tastes and tongue mapping

In this activity children are supported to create a ‘tongue map’ which shows which parts of the tongue are best at tasting sweet, salt, sour, bitter and umami.  These have been designed to be used alongside a Flavour Sense Nation resource kit, however it might be possible for a teacher who does not have access to...

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