Core Maths : information for Universities

This collection contains a wealth of information for universities about the suite of Core Maths qualifications.

The collection includes:

  • Statements endorsing Core Maths from universities around the UK
  • Case studies from schools and colleges already providing the qualification
  • The letter from Nick Gibb MP and Jo Johnson MP that launched the Core Maths qualifications in September 2015
  • An interview with Professor Paul Glaister, Univeristy of Reading
  • The journal for teaching and learning of Core Maths
  • A number of background reports on mathematics education in the UK


Journal of Core Maths

The journal is aimed at practitioners and educationalists, it aims to report and reflect on

  • Innovative and interesting practice in the teaching and learning of Core Maths
  • Classroom evaluations of Core Maths, both qualitative and quantitative
  • Problem...
Publication date:
2010 to date

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Core Maths background reports

This collection charts the development of Core Maths, including international comparisons, details the mathematical demands of university courses and priorities for post-16 mathematics education.

Publication date:
2010 to date

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