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Boxford has been supplying precision 3D machinery for schools, colleges, universities and toolmakers all over the world for more than 70 years. They have also created innovative and engaging projects for schools to help inspire Britain’s innovators and engineers of the future. The resources included in this collection offer teachers a range of projects designed not only to help push and develop their students’ skills but also make learning interesting and engaging.


Morse Code Key

This resource from Boxford describes the manufacture and electrical circuit of a Morse code transmitter. It includes CAD files for all of the manufactured parts required and pictures of the assembled product. The transmitter is manufactured from hardwood using a CNC router. It includes brass furnishings that could...


This resource from Boxford describes the use of CAD software to make a development or net from a solid object, which is subsequently used to manufacture a ‘shell’ version of the original object using card. It includes pictures of a reproduction weapon copied from a popular video game. The net could be printed with...

Work Shelf

This resource from Boxford describes the creating of a set of shelves using CAD files and a CNC router. It contains a description of the development of the shelving, and a collection of CAD files for the project. Photographs show the shelving before and during use. Different uses are then shown such as tool storage...

Wooden Hourglass

This resource from Boxford presents CAD files and description of a CNC routed wooden hourglass. Supporting videos show how Ikea products are designed and manufactured. A photograph shows the hourglass and background information about the project is described. Materials and sizes are given along with a detailed...


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