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Boxford has been supplying precision 3D machinery for schools, colleges, universities and toolmakers all over the world for more than 70 years. They have also created innovative and engaging projects for schools to help inspire Britain’s innovators and engineers of the future. The resources included in this collection offer teachers a range of projects designed not only to help push and develop their students’ skills but also make learning interesting and engaging.



This resource from Boxford shows how a range of different finishing techniques can be used on a piece of jewellery.

The video demonstrates how this can be done by hand or using tools. A file is used to remove any rough marks from a bracelet, moving to sandpaper and then a steel tool for a finer,...

Tripod Fluid Head

This resource from Boxford describes a project that is intended to allow a camera operator to get smooth panning shots from a cheap tripod by adding a fluid block between the tripod and the camera. Included are sample CAD files for manufacture.

The fluid head is shown in action via a photograph...

Wind Tunnel

This resource from Boxford describes the manufacture of a small wind tunnel suitable for use in conjunction with the Scalextric 4 Schools competition. It includes CAD files and pictures of the assembled wind tunnel. The design features of the wind tunnel are outlines and consideration is given to how it is used,...


This resource from Boxford describes a method for decorating portfolio covers. It includes example images of a variety of different decorative designs. These could be etched onto material by CNC machines and then used with the described frottage technique.

The Frottage Technique video presents a short...


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