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Design and Animation of a Character

In this project, students create an animated character and map it to a standard set of animation moves. Using the tools in Autodesk Project Pinocchio and Autodesk Maya, students can create a character that copies a standard sequence available in Autodesk Maya.

Students then move onto cloud technology and...

Design of a Dance Routine

This project looks at the animation of a character created in Project Pinocchio. Students use the tools in Autodesk Maya to create a 10 – 15 second dance routine for the character. Students are introduced to some basic navigation around Autodesk Maya before learning how to pose their characters using a HumanIK...

Producing a Design for a Living Area for a Disabled Client

In this project, students use Autodesk Homestyler to design a living space for a disabled client. The design must include a ground floor living space with outdoor landscape. The overall plot must not exceed 25m x 60m and the living space must not exceed 10m x 40m. Students create a customer profile to base their...

Design and Manufacture a Mobile Phone Accessory

This project concentrates on the design and manufacture of a mobile phone accessory using a range of sketching and software, alongside laser cutting and 3D printing processes. Students apply the tools in 123D Design to model the accessory, before manufacturing the product. Students consider the designing and...


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