Energy and Transport

Personal transport is becoming safer as technological advancements are made and more and more safety features are designed. The resources in this collection explore current transport issues around safety and think about the future of global travel, considering the design of vacuum tube trains and introducing ideas about the environmental, economic, ethical and social impacts of global transport.


Safety Matters

In this activity, students are asked to analyse data to work out which form of personal transport is currently the least safe. They then consider what safety features are in use at the moment.

Students brainstorm and rank transport systems in order of safety. They then interpret the data in the Safety...

Car of the Future

Many different personal attributes can impact on road safety including a person's vision, ability to concentrate, reaction times and mobility. The car of the future should be designed to help people overcome these issues.

In this activity students design investigations to test reaction times and ability to...

Around the World *suitable for home teaching*

In this activity, students use the speed, distance, time equation to calculate how long it takes to travel to destinations around the globe from the UK via today's global transport options. They are then introduced to a new concept to global travel: the vacuum tube train - will this solve some of the problems they...

Overcoming Friction

In this activity, students are introduced to Maglev technology as a way of reducing the friction between the tube and the train in a vacuum tube train. Students are presented with the scenario that in 2025, the UK has been invited to invest £100 billion towards the construction of a vacuum tube train system...


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