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Following the introduction of technology to the National Curriculum for students aged 5-16 in 1988, a number of problems with its implementation were identified. The Engineering Council commissioned research into these perceived problems and reports were produced which included recommendations for improvements and future development. The reports in this series of four were called Getting it Right.

Later publications by the Engineering Council have continued to highlight the importance of teaching technology subjects at school level for the engineering sector and the country's economy.

The Engineering Council works in partnership with professional engineering institutions and is responsible for regulating and promoting the profession in order to maintain a world-class engineering workforce in the UK and a standard against which overseas professional engineers are judged.


Design and Technology in a Knowledge Economy

This paper, published by the Engineering Council in 2001, sets out the importance of design and technology education and the contribution it makes to the school curriculum. Design subjects play a role in developing innovative thinking and practices, and the skills needed in a knowledge economy. The aims of this...

Technology at A Level: Getting It Right

The Technology at A Level: Getting it Right report followed on from the Technology in the National Curriculum: Getting it Right...

Technology in Secondary Schools: Getting It Right

This report is the fourth in the Engineering Council's series on technology in schools and was published in 1997. It looks at the state of technology in schools seven years after the subject was established in the National Curriculum. It gives data and details of challenges faced by some technology departments....

Technology in the National Curriculum: Getting It Right

This report, published in 1992 by the Engineering Council, gives an analysis of the development of technology in schools, identifying the problems associated with it at the time.

The report considers how technology fits into the National Curriculum, looks at problems concerning perceived parity with other...


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