STEM Projects Toolkit

The STEM Projects Toolkit provides resources to help teachers to carry out enquiry-based project work with their students. The resource pack was developed in order to give students hands-on experiences of science and engineering. It is hoped that using scientific methods, the design processes in engineering, and being given the freedom to choose topics, questions or briefs would encourage students to consider careers in STEM subjects.

The resource may also be used by teachers and technicians to support their continuing professional development.

The resource pack was written for the British Science Association by Linda Scott and supported by Intel.



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Module 1: Getting Started With STEM Inquiry Work

This module introduces the STEM Projects Toolkit, its background and its goals. A schematic diagram shows the contents of the resource pack, showing the pathways which teachers and technicians can use to access information and enrich lessons.

The resource builds on the successes of the CREST Awards, a formal...

Module 2: Models of Student-centred Inquiry

This module, from the STEM Projects Toolkit, considers the use of the inquiry-based approach in everyday teaching of STEM subjects, encouraging students to use initiative and make independent decisions. The resource compares different types of Inquiry Based Learning and includes approaches for differentiation and...

Module 3: Moving From Teacher-led to Student-led Lessons and Projects

This module of the STEM Projects Toolkit considers how to move from traditional teacher-led individual lessons to student-designed and student-led inquiry based lessons and projects. The emphasis is on guiding students and encouraging them to explore and research topics, actively participate in the learning process...

Module 4: Characteristics of Good Project Work

This module of the STEM Projects Toolkit explains what a good project provides for students, encouraging them to develop independent learning skills and reflective practice. This part of the toolkit provides the first practical steps for teachers and technicians in conceiving and developing a STEM project.



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