Computer Science Unplugged

Computer Science Unplugged is a collection of twenty activities designed to aid the teaching and learning of computer science through engaging games and puzzles using cards, string, crayons and lots of running around. The activities introduce students to many of the underlying concepts separated from the distractions and technical details we usually see with computers. This collection of Computer Science Unplugged resources is aimed at upper primary and lower secondary school aged students but is suitable for people of all ages and has been used around the world for many years.



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Battleships - Searching Algorithms

Computers are often required to find information in large collections of data. They need to develop quick and efficient ways of doing this. This activity demonstrates three different search methods: linear searching, binary searching and hashing. This resource begins with the introductory activity of battleships....

Lightest and Heaviest - Sorting Algorithms

Computers are often used to arrange lists into some sort of order. For example, sorting names into alphabetical order, appointments or e-mail by date, or items in numerical order. Sorting lists helps us find things quickly, and also makes extreme values easy to see. If the wrong method is used, it can take a long...

Beat the Clock - Sorting Networks

Even though computers are fast, there is a limit to how quickly they can solve problems. One way to speed things up is to use several computers to solve different parts of a problem. In this activity sorting networks are used to do several sorting comparisons at the same time. This resource begins with a discussion...

The Muddy City - Minimal Spanning Trees

Our society is linked by many networks: telephone networks, utility supply networks, computer networks, and road networks. For a particular network there is usually some choice about where the roads, cables, or radio links can be placed. This resource explores the need to find ways of efficiently linking objects in...


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