Tiana and Star's Story

From Genetic Disorders UK, these resources look at the function of the skeleton and how brittle bone disease can affect people’s lives. The film and activities in this collection are linked to the following curriculum areas: * Key Stage One science: ourselves; human variation. * Key Stage Two science: moving and growing. * Key Stages One and Two PSHE and citizenship: respecting the differences between people; community cohesion.



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Tiana and Star's Story

This video features Tiana, who has broken a total of eight bones, and her sister Star, who has broken thirty-three. Tiana and Star talk about brittle bone disease and explain how it affects their lives. The teachers notes provide an explanation of the disease and how it is inherited. Curriculum links include...

Dancing Skeleton

This worksheet provides a picture of a skeleton for children to label by choosing the correct word from the list. The activity can be completed after watching the video Tiana...