Practical Action: upd8s

A set of materials produced by Practical Action, with the Association of Science Education (ASE), enabling pupils to work scientifically within a global context.

Through investigation students discover how science is being used to solve real problems in the developing world, and consider how solutions already implemented there may be applicable to our own lives here in the UK.


Sandy seeds - Primary Global upd8

Aimed at primary level, this resource provides a practical context to explore the requirements of plants for life and growth. Children are introduced to the ways in which local communities in Bangladesh successfully grow enough pumpkins for themselves and to sell to provide an income. This leads into an...

Monsoon Proof Roof

This resource provides a practical context to explore the uses of everyday materials, based on their properties. Children are introduced to a problem of building a flood- proof home, which is faced by families in local communities in Bangladesh, looking at solutions that have been developed to solve this problem....

Cool Pots - Primary Global upd8

This activity provides a practical context to explore thermal insulation and changes of state at primary level. Families living in Sudan find that due to the warmer climate fruit and vegetables tend to not stay fresh for long. In order to solve this problem they use a clay pot (zeer pot) refrigerator to help...

Iodine Initiative - Secondary Global Upd8

In this activity students discover how a Tanzanian initiative reduced iodine deficiency diseases, and look at lessons the UK can learn from the example of this African nation. According to recent reports, up to 70% of British young people do not take in enough iodine. Iodine deficiency causes goiter and brain...


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