Compare Bears Maths

This Compare Bears resource, written by Barbara Hewitt, was developed to encourage young children to think and talk about early mathematical concepts and is compatible with any infant mathematics scheme for children at Year One and Year Two. The bears come in three sizes, three weights and six colours and the activities and games help students to learn about counting, matching, sorting, designing, weighing, investigation and predicting. The teacher's notes for each activity include: *the aim of the activity *the vocabulary to be used *any materials additional to the bears that is required *extra activities for follow-up work *instructions for the activity sheets and games. Compare Bears can also be a useful and fun way of involving parents, as investigations are often a new concept to them and they too find them an interesting challenge.



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Compare Bears Maths - Book 1

This resource, written by Barbara Hewett, is designed for use in conjunction with the Compare Bears. The activities and games are designed to develope basic mathematical understanding, skills and vocabulary. The topics are structured so that the children work in groups for each set of activities and then work...

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