Century Maths Themed Activity Books Pack 3

Pack three of the Century Maths Themes series comprises three theme books, each containing two themes, accompanied by the corresponding teacher support pack. The themes are designed to complement the work covered in the Year Nine Focus books.

The themes are:

• Made to measure/Linkages

• People patterns/Cultures count

• Just rubbish/Growing up

The Theme books are totally different in structure in comparison with the Focus books. They provide an accessible source of activities which can be used in a variety of ways.

Although the themes differ in context, they contain many practical and group-based activities. Most can stand alone and there are suggestions in outline for other possibilities.

The collection is in the process of being completed, some files may not be available at present.


Made to Measure / Linkages

The Made to Measure theme from Century Maths covers functions and graphs, ratio, length and area, estimating and approximating, scale drawing, nets, Pythagoras’ theorem, trigonometry, data collection and analysis and averages. The topics complement the work in the Year Nine Focus book.


People Patterns / Cultures Count

The People Patterns theme from Century Maths uses angles, congruence, length and area, nets and networks, number patterns, polygons, probability, symmetry, tessellations and transformations to explore mathematics from different cultures.

Islamic art - considers the...

Just Rubbish / Growing Up

Just Rubbish uses the mathematical topics data collection and analysis, decimals, estimating, approximating, fractions, length, area, nets, networks, percentages, scale drawing, 3-D modelling, weight and volume in this theme which considers litter and recycling.


Teacher’s Support Pack Three

This Teacher's Support Pack from Century Maths covers the six themes: Made to measure, Linkages, People patterns, Cultures count, Just rubbish and Growing up.

The first part of the teacher support pack, in common with the other support packs, covers teaching issues such as approaches to problem solving,...

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