Professional Development

The videos in this collection from teachers TV are intended for primary science practitioners. They contain advice and guidance on pedagogy, lesson planning, organising science in and out of the classroom and other areas of teaching and learning. They are useful to both newly qualified and experienced teachers.

Clips in this section cover a wide range of topics, including:
* teaching and reviewing investigations into the human body and movement, sound and light
* planning a visit
* engaging girls with practical science
* talk and discussion in primary science
* moving from a good to an outstanding practitioner
* looking at a lesson from a child's perspective



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Investigating Sound

Produced by Teachers TV, this video illustrates how enthusiastic science co-ordinator Katrine Shears gives hints and tips about successful investigations using her experiments on sound as an example. Year Six children at Bobbing Village Primary School are conducting their own investigations to find the most...

Learning with Scarlet

From Teachers TV, this video shows a science lesson from the point of view of Scarlet, a Year Two child at St Mary's Primary School in Harborne, Birmingham. The lesson is about plants and the parts that we can eat. The class teacher, Veronica Knight, starts the lesson by introducing the learning objectives. From...

Materials: Lesson and Review

From Teachers TV, this video looks at a Key Stage Two science lesson devised by Year Three class teacher Clare James.

The lesson was inspired by visits the children made to a working water mill. Clare brings the...

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

From Teachers TV, this video illustrates how Foundation Stage teacher Karen Whitehouse teaches her Reception class a lesson about minibeasts.

Children examine features of these creatures, looking at similarities and differences, with the key aim to classify and sort them into specific types.