CREST Star Investigators

CREST Star Investigators is a UK-wide award scheme, run by the British Science Association that enables children to solve scientific problems through practical investigation. The activities focus on thinking about, talking about, and doing science. They are designed to be used primarily outside of class time and a science background is not needed to run them, as full notes are provided as part of the resources.

Although designed for non-curricular learning, some activities may be suitable for the classroom. The activities develop the children's scientific enquiry skills in an enjoyable context with links to the curriculum where appropriate.

The CREST Star Investigators scheme has three awards, and also offers children the opportunity to become Young Science Ambassadors. Progressing through the awards, children undertake scientific problems in increasingly broad contexts. The Star award materials look at issues relevant to children’s everyday lives. Mega Star resources explore more wide-ranging problems including global and cross-cultural issues.

How to register for CREST Star Investigators
Schools, clubs and families can register for the CREST Star scheme at any time. There are three sets of resource packs to choose from, and additional materials are also available. Each pack will come with enough Star Logs, stickers and badges for 30 children.

CREST Star Investigators is organised and administered through a network of local co-ordinators. Many of the local co-ordinators also organise and administer the British Science Association's CREST award scheme (for 11-19 year olds) so they can advise on progression from CREST Star Investigators.


Brilliant Bubbles - CREST Star Activity

Produced for the CREST Star Investigators awards, these materials are aimed at early primary children and encourages them to investigate bubbles.

A range of activities allows children to investigate questions such as:

* Can you make bubbles of different shapes and colours?
* How long you can keep...

Fantastic Fingerprints - CREST SuperStar Activity

Produced for the CREST Star Investigators Awards, these materials are aimed at upper primary children and encourages them to investigate fingerprints.

Children discuss what they already know about fingerprints before undertaking activities including:

* Looking at fingerprints with a hand lens or...

There’s a Hole in My Bucket - CREST MegaStar Activity

This activity, produced for the CREST Star Investigator Award, encourage primary children to take an investigative approach to science.

Following on from the nursery rhyme, what is the best way to mend a hole in a bucket? Children investigate different materials and approaches to fixing the problem and this...

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