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The Planet Science website was originally developed for Science Year in 2001. It was designed to stimulate the imagination about science and technology among school students, young people, teachers and parents. The archive collection was replaced by a new Planet Science website in 2010.

The site provides a large collection of free, fun and inspiring science resources for primary and secondary school students, parents and teachers. The resources have a wide range of different formats including text based information, games, videos, quizzes and practical work. Many of the resources are interactive.



This collection from Planet Science provides resources, ideas and downloadable materials for teachers that can all be put to use in creating enjoyable and memorable lessons. The material is available in different formats such as lesson plans, activities, practicals, debates, and cartoons. Some of the resources are...

Under 11’s

The Planet Science collection for under 11’s features inspiring ideas, activities and games for students aged three to eleven and their teachers.


This Planet Science collection for parents contains a selection of appealing science-based activities for students and their parents which are designed to entertain and make science an enjoyable activity for all. Most of the resources are pitched at younger age students aged from 3 to 11, although some could be...

Club Activity Pack

These resources from Planet Science provide a series of pen pictures of a scientist and a related experiment which can be used at home or as science club activities.

Activity A: Great Social life: Toyin Solanke
The geologist Toyin Solanke provides the inspiration for a simple activity demonstrating how...


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