Published by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP) the wind turbine project resources comprise:

* Building a small-scale wind turbine project using resistant materials (engineering drawings, jigs, fixtures and supporting images)
* Looking at environmental issues (industrial case studies)
* Additional suppport and information about wind turbines, including classroom investigations

Designing efficient wind turbines often involves effects that can seem counterintuitive. Understanding how a wind turbine works involves students in using some challenging concepts, such as energy and power, the conservation of energy and the efficiency of energy transfers.

The materials in this section allow students to tackle problems in the design, making and industrial use of wind turbines. This helps them to gain a greater understanding of this important renewable energy source.


Wind Turbine Project: Component Parts

From the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), these images show the manufactured components, jigs and fixtures required to make the wind turbine project. Detailed drawings for the wind turbine can be found at this resource: wind turbine working drawings...


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