Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP)

The Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP) is an established and prestigious programme aimed at supporting and improving the teaching and learning of technology in schools and colleges.

The Programme offers practical down-to-earth support for teaching technology in all parts of the UK. For further information regarding TEP, including how to join the TEP community or purchase physical resources for use in the classroom, please visit the new TEP website.

This resource collection contains a rich range of materials to support teachers:

112 Circuits - From cat flaps to steep gradient sensors , these specialist circuit diagrams are downloadable in Word format.

Clip Art Library - over 350 illustrations from TEP textbooks, downloadable in JPEG format.

Smart Materials - a number of short videos demonstrating the properties, and use, of a range of smart materials.

TEP Publications - a large selection of photocopiable guides and activity ideas for use in the design and technology classroom.

Wind Turbines - A GCSE engineering support project, including industrial case studies and class pack resources.


Wind Turbines

Published by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP) the wind turbine project resources comprise:

* Building a small-scale wind turbine project using resistant materials (engineering drawings, jigs, fixtures and supporting images)
* Looking at environmental issues (industrial case studies)

Smart Materials

This series of short films from the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP) was produced to demonstrate the properties, and use, of a range of smart materials. Smart materials are materials that have one or more properties that can be significantly changed in a controlled fashion by external stimuli, such as stress...

112 Circuits

Produced by the Technology Enhancement Programme (TEP), this collection contains instructions that enable students to produce a range of electronic devices. Each of the resources contains a circuit diagram, component list and full explanation of how the circuit works. There are a range of topics covered and...

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