stats4schools is managed by the independent Office for National Statistics, and includes data from across government.

stats4schools is about helping teachers and students to get more from statistics. There are datasets which can be download and included in own their projects. This collection contains lessons plans, associated worksheets and datasets for complete data handling activities.

The large datasets have a few ideas to follow but are intended to be flexible so that students can determine their own hypotheses and interogate as required.



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What's in a Name?

In this lesson plan from stats4schools, students are asked to interrogate a dataset of first names. Students will order information chronologically, investigate the meaning of words in the context of names, use primary and secondary data and use research effectively to support an answer or argument.


Where Does Your Money Go?

In this activity from stats4schools, students investigate how families spend their money by using a Family Spending report. Students plot appropriate graphs using ICT, interpret data from tables and graphs and understand where the average family spend their money including looking at the cost of living. Students...

Doing the Housework

In this activity from stats4schools, students investigate the gender differences when it comes to household chores. Students interpret information from tables and graphs, manipulate data, research gender stereotypes and formulate arguments for discussion. They will need internet access to conduct their own research...

Jedi - the New Religion

In this resource from stats4schools, students are asked if they believe in 'the Force'. One of the questions on the 2001 census asked people about their religion. Some people did put Jedi as a response on their census form and the Office for National Statistics have released this data. Students investigate this...