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This collection of resources from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) gives support materials for teachers in schools, helping to provoke debate and discussions and providing useful statistics about the UK population. The materials can be used to explore aspects of mathematics, psychology and health as well as economics and other social science disciplines.

The ESRC is the UK's largest organisation for funding research and postgraduate training on economic and social issues. It supports independent, high quality research relevant to business, the public sector and voluntary organisations. At any one time the ESRC supports over 4,000 researchers and postgraduate students in academic institutions and independent research institutes.


Population Growth

From the Economic and Social Research Council (ERSC), this briefing provides figures on global population growth and highlights the key issues in population management and the factors that influence fertility rates. Case studies illustrating a number of different approaches to population control around the world...

Performing Under Pressure

This resource looks at how people create strategies to help them cope with pressure and stressful situations such as performing in front of others or taking examinations. Psychologists have looked at how sportsmen and women cope with pressure to see if the strategies they use would also work for ordinary people. As...


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