Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics

The Nuffield Foundation revised and republished Nuffield Advanced Physics in 1985. The original carefully-thought-through structure of the course was retained but there were significant changes in the form of the published resources.

The project decided to include all the topics in the core A-level syllabus produced by an inter-board working group. This meant making sure that certain topics, not emphasised in the original course, were given due attention (for example, statics, kinetic theory of gases, circular motion and thermal conduction).

At the same time the project also agreed to add a few other topics which seemed particularly important for the 1980s such as nuclear and other sources of power, and some increase in the work done in electronics using integrated circuits.

To make room for these additions it was necessary to omit some of the material in the original course. Among items which were either omitted or treated more briefly were: X-ray diffraction and unit cells; ionic crystals; the speed of mechanical waves; ionisation by electron bombardment; induction motors; special relativity; the propagation of electromagnetic waves.

Also some of the more detailed work was been omitted from the last two units on statistical thermodynamics and quantum mechanics.



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The Nuffield Foundation's Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics courses did not all cover as many topics or exactly the same topics as in other A-level physics courses. However it did include the core of physics which universities and other institutions regarded as essential to further study.

In the view of the...

Published by the Nuffield Foundation, the Dynamic Modelling system was designed to be used in the Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics course as well as other secondary science courses. The program had two parts: the operating system and a physics models disk. The system was intended to meet the needs of different...

Published by the Nuffield Foundation, the Revised Nuffield Advanced Physics project included a set of background readers to supplement the passages of reading in the student guides for some of the units.

These A-level specifications, published by the Nuffield Foundation, were amended following the introduction of the GCSE in the mid-1980s and the widespread move to double-award courses. The Nuffield Foundation did not carry out a complete revision of the Nuffield Advanced Physics resources but, in 1994, published...