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Century Maths was published in the early 1990s by Stanley Thornes to provide an innovative mathematics programme in the secondary school. The stated aims of the programme encompassed a more investigative and problem solving approach to the teaching of mathematics including the adoption of a more developmental classroom environment. The authors wanted to develop an investigative approach as opposed to the doing of investigations.

The structure of the programme was radically different to any other publication. The material was structured using age-related and National Curriculum attainment level-related Focus books and also by age-related Theme books. The Theme books were not designed to be linear and so could be used more flexibly to complement the focus books. The programme also contained considerable teacher support material. The use of scientific and graphical calculators, as well considerable use of computers and the Logo programming language, was a key feature of the programme.

The materials contain a large number of small investigations and practical approaches which potentially enhance pupil understanding and which are presented within a coherent framework. Many one-off activities in the student books, supported by suggestions for teaching in the Teacher’s Support Packs, could usefully be included in a current scheme. The User Guide provides a detailed overview.


This collection of resources was published mainly between 1991 and 1993. The mathematical content is still very relevant but some of the teaching approaches may be at variance with those supported by National Strategy materials. The software used, especially Logo 2000, is unlikely to be available to most teachers although the ideas can be transferred to other, more recent, software.


Year 7/8 algebra lead-in

The "Century Maths" series is a flexible range of mathematics materials for pupils aged 11-16 (Years 7-11), developed by a team based at the Institute of Education, University of London. The materials have been designed and tested to fit the requirements of the National Curriculum.

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