The Nuffield Mathematics Project Teachers' Guides cover the topics of computation and structure, shape and size, and graphs leading to algebra. The books do not cover years, or indeed any specific time; they simply develop themes and therefore show the teacher how to allow one child to progress at a different pace to another.

The guides contain direct teaching suggestions, examples of children's work, and suggestions for class discussions and out-of-school activities. To put the guides in context, an overview of the aims of the project are explained in I do and I understand whilst The story so far attempts to summarise the early Teacher's guides as well as making reference to two of the Weaving guides. The Guide to the guides is an extended and amended version of The story so far but also contains extracts from schemes of work. For those wishing to look ahead to the secondary phase Into Secondary School is a survey of the aims of the project as it would affect middle or secondary school students.



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Shape and Size

These Nuffield Mathematics Project guides focus on shape and size. Shape and size 2 is the first guide from the Nuffield Project to be concerned with shape and size although there was some preliminary material in Beginnings. The guide has three sections: a general introduction, ideas and topics...

The Story So Far

The story so far, from the Nuffield Mathematics Project, attempts to summarise some of the early Teachers’ Guides. References are also made to Desk calculators and Space. The purpose of the book was two-...

Guide to the Guides

The Guide to the guides provided an opportunity to take a brief look backward at the work of the writing team and the trial areas of the Nuffield Mathematics Project (age range 5 to 13), and also forward to possibilities for the future. This guide is in two sections, each with its own introduction. Section...

Into Secondary School

This short booklet, from the Nuffield Mathematics Project, is for teachers of children from eleven upwards, whether in secondary or middle schools. It describes the aims of the Project as it affects these children, and so is complementary to the Introductory guide, I do and I...