Citizen Science

The Citizen Science project was a collaboration between @Bristol's Education team, the University of Bristol, teachers and scientists. Funded by the Wellcome Trust, a series of activities engage both teachers and students in discussions about biomedical science.

This collection contains a range of teacher support materials and classroom activities that are designed to help engage students in debate about issues around advances in biomedical sciences. Through a variety of approaches, students debate, discuss and gain an understanding of topics such as:
* Alcohol and drug abuse
* Genes, genome and genetic testing
* Nanotechnology



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Genetic Testing

Produced for the Citizen Science project, this resource enagages students in the debate around genetic testing and screening. It is suitable for students aged 14-16 and post-16. The activity provides an opportunity to investigate genetic disorders before considering a number of statements and situations concerning...

Genome Games

Produced as part of the Citizen Science project, these materials allow students to explore issues around human genetics using familiar game contexts. Suitable for students aged 11-16, the materials utilise activites similar to Pictionary, Taboo and Consequences to introduce a variety of issues.


Nano Pairs

Produced by Citizen Science, this resource contains a set of cards that can be printed and used in a 'matching pairs' game. When completed, the pairs pose questions which students consider, around the use of nanotechnology. Suitable for students aged 11-14 the activity introduces students to some of the potential...