Nuffield Secondary Science: Themes

The developers of Nuffield Secondary Science described the resources they published as a 'quarry' from which teachers could select suitable material to build courses that would be significant for their students.

The resources are divided into eight themes. Each theme is divided in a number of fields of study. The contents of a theme were not intended to constitute a course. Also the numbering of the fields of study in the themes was not meant to imply an order in which the work should be taken.

The book of guidance for each theme provides detailed coverage of the suggested practical activities and of the range of possible teaching approaches.


Nuffield Secondary Science: Theme 1 - The Interdependence of Living Things

This Nuffield Secondary Science theme suggests ways to help students arrive at an understanding of aspects of interdependence, and an appreciation of the importance of animal and plant conservation. The laboratory investigations develop from problems identified during...

Nuffield Secondary Science: Theme 2 - The Continuity of Life

This Nuffield Secondary Science theme deals with the continuity of life, not only in the short term from generation to generation, but also in the long term, when the cumulative picture of many generations appears to indicate an evolution. As a result, the theme includes two very important concepts related to...

Nuffield Secondary Science: Theme 3 - Biology of Man

The summary in the teachers’ guide for Nuffield Secondary Science states that when studying this theme, students learn by asking questions and seeking answers to questions about themselves in particular and about mankind in general.


Nuffield Secondary Science: Theme 4 - Harnessing Energy

The Nuffield Secondary Science theme suggests a wide range of experiences and investigations from which the idea of energy conservation can gradually emerge. The resources, like other 1960s Nuffield programmes, describe energy changes in terms of energy conversions from...


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