Nuffield Secondary Science: General Guidance

Nuffield Secondary Science carried out the ‘bold experimentation’ necessary to devise a new curriculum for the majority of students in secondary schools that the Newsom Report, Half Our Future had called for in 1963.

The principles underpinning the new approach were set out in a general teachers’ guide. The programme suggested a wide variety of new practical activities and so the project published an apparatus guide to help teachers and technicians. A further guide gave advice on examining courses based on the resources in the Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE).


Nuffield Secondary Science Teachers’ Guide

The Nuffield Secondary Science project devised, and trialled, material that was flexible and capable of adaptation so that teachers could draw on the ideas to devise courses suitable for their own students. The material was organised into eight themes. The rationale for...

Nuffield Secondary Science Apparatus Guide

The Nuffield Secondary Science Apparatus Guide was produced to help teachers and teachers and technicians with the many new practical activities introduced by the project.

Section A This section lists the apparatus, chemicals and materials needed for the fields of study in each of the eight...

Examining at CSE Level

The Nuffield Secondary Science guide to examining at CSE was aimed at teachers and examiners. It began the quest, still continuing today, to find appropriate ways to examine science across the whole ability range.


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