DfE Standards Unit: Improving Learning in Mathematics activities to support the learning of calculus. The 'Active Learning' session plans include starting points, descriptions of the processes and photocopiable resources.



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Linking the Properties and Forms of Quadratic Equations C1

In this DfE Standards Unit resource, students identify different forms and properties
of quadratic functions, connect quadratic functions...

Exploring Functions Involving Fractional and Negative Powers of x C2

In this DfE Standards Unit resource, students find the stationary points of a function and determine their nature and solve appropriate equations in order to find the intercepts of a
function. Students are encouraged to connect the mathematical properties of a function and relate them to the graph. Before...

Matching Functions and Derivatives C3

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students practise differentiating quadratic functions and finding the values of a function and its derivative at specific points. They will distinguish between f (x) and f ′(x), relate values of f (x) and f ′(x) to the graph of y = f (x) and reflect on and discuss these...

Differentiating and Integrating Fractional and Negative Powers C4

In this resource from the DfE Standards Unit, students convert functions into an appropriate form for differentiating or integrating and then differentiate and integrate negative and fractional powers of x. Before starting the activity students should be able to differentiate and integrate polynomial functions and...


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