Physics Demonstration Films

This series of videos have been produced by the National STEM Learning Centre and the Institute of Physics. They are mostly aimed at teachers and illustrate how to perform simple demonstrations and use particular pieces of equipment. Some topics have versions of the video that could be used with students in the classroom. The topics covered in the videos are:

* Creating a bin-bag capacitor
* Illustrating the movement of particles in Brownian motion
* Demonstrating diffraction using laser light
* Creating a simple electric motor
* Static electricity and charge with an 'electric sausage'
* Demonstrating the process of electromagnetic induction
* Using an electron diffraction tube
* Compressing a gas in a fire piston
* Gravity and the motion of projectiles with the Monkey and Hunter demonstration
* Using an oscilloscope
* Transmission of electricity along power lines
* Using a signal generator to illustrate waves and sound
* Demonstrating thermal conductivity
* Using a Van de Graaff generator
* A simple wave machine


Bin-bag Capacitor

Produced by the National STEM Centre and the Institute of Physics, this video shows how two metal foil sheets and a bin-bag can be used to show how a capacitor works. The metal foil acts as the plates and the bin-bag as the dielectric. The model capacitor can be charged and discharged as well as demonstrating...

Brownian Motion

Produced by the National STEM Learning Centre and Network and the Institute of Physics, this video illustrates how to show the movement of particles by Brownian motion. Instead of using the traditional smoke cell, the video shows how Brownian motion can be observed in a suspension containing micrometre diameter...

Electromagnetic Induction *suitable for home teaching*

Produced by StoryCog, this video demonstrates the process of electromagnetic induction. The video shows a simple piece of equipment that can readily be made which contains spinning magnets, a wire coil and a lamp. Spinning the magnets past the coil produces an electric current and lights the lamp.

Fire Piston

Produced by the National STEM Centre and the Institute of Physics, this video demonstrates how compressing a gas increases its temperature. A small piece of cotton wool is placed into the bottom of a narrow plastic tube. When the air is rapidly compressed by a piston, the air temperature increases and the cotton...


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