Nuffield Primary Science: General Guidance

Some of the publications from the Nuffield Primary Science Project give general guidance about the research base of the project, its implementation in schools and the professional development for teachers across the full age range in primary schools. Other resources in this library give more specific guidance and resources for students aged 5-7 and for students aged 7-12.

At first there were two resources offering general guidance. These were the Teachers’ Handbook and the In-service Pack. In the light of experience and the changing context for teaching in schools, the project decided to offer more support in the form of a handbook for science coordinators, a guide to understanding science ideas as well as guidance about science and literacy.



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Nuffield Primary Science Teachers' Handbook

The Nuffield Primary Science Teachers’ Handbook was designed to help teachers implement the SPACE approach to the teaching of primary science. The Handbook is only about 90 pages long but it covers a wide range of topics. The Handbook is divided into five main sections. After the introduction, the first section has...

Science Co-ordinators' Handbook

The Handbook is designed to guide Science Co-ordinators as they support the development of the science curriculum in their schools. It does this by helping co-ordinators to:
*understand the SPACE approach
*introduce the SPACE approach in their schools

In-Service Pack

The Nuffield Primary Science in-service pack was created to introduce teachers to the SPACE approach and its potential for the teaching and learning of science in primary schools. The pack follows the SPACE approach in content and style so that teachers can experience...

Understanding Science Ideas: a Guide for Primary Teachers

Understanding Science Ideas is a concise and colourful book that was written by members of the Nuffield Primary Science project team to help teachers to discuss and understand key science ideas and explanations at an appropriate level, consistent with the philosophy of...