Teaching Advanced Physics: Energy

From the Institute of Physics, these resources are split into topics and each topic is subdivided into a number of learning episodes. An episode represents a coherent section of teaching that lasts for typically one or two lessons.

The topics covered in this collection are:
* Kinetic theory
* Brownian motion
* Ideal gases
* Gas laws and absolute zero
* Thermal physics
* First law of thermodynamics
* Specific heat capacity
* Heat engines and thermal efficiency
* Latent heat


Episode 600: Preparation for Kinetic Theory Topic

This topic, from the Institute of Physics, encourage students to learn more about how the microscopic behaviour of particles gives rise to the macroscopic behaviour of materials. They can also see how this gives rise to a mathematical model for an ideal gas.

The learning episodes in this topic include:


Episode 601: Brownian Motion and Ideal Gases

From the Institute of Physics, these demonstrations, computer model and associated discussions help students to look at Brownian motion as evidence for the particulate nature of matter, and the macroscopic gas laws. The learning episode looks at: * Brownian motion and what it tells us about gases * investigating...

Episode 602: Ideal Gases and Absolute Zero

This learning episode, from the Institute of Physics, establishes the ideal gas law and how to use it. Worked examples and questions allow students to look at the behaviour of an ideal gas and see that an ideal gas is one that obeys Boyle’s law with complete precision.

The activities include:
* a...

Episode 603: Kinetic Model of an Ideal Gas

Produced by the Institute of Physics, this learning episode allows students to relate the gas laws to the behaviour of the particles of a gas.

The activities look at:
* explaining pressure in terms of particles
* deriving an equation for the pressure of a gas
* the link between kinetic...


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