Human Space Exploration

The first human in space was Yuri Gagarin. Since then, humans have 'walked' in space, set foot on the Moon and lived for long periods in orbit on craft like the International Space Station (ISS). This collection contains images, video and other resources that show how humans have explored space.



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The Ingredients for Life: on Earth and in Space

On the International Space Station many of the Earth’s environmental support systems have already been engineered. Examining how some of these key technologies work, allows us to understand the vital ingredients that make Earth such an ideal place to live. In the video 'Ingredients for Life: On Earth and in Space...

Mission 1: Newton in Space

Produced with the input of experts and teachers, this 17-minute video from ESA illustrates how simple experiments, in space and on Earth, can be used to investigate Newton's three laws of motion. The video also examines the difference between mass and weight. The video uses demonstrations from two astronauts on...

Mission 2: Body Space

The ESA DVD has been developed with the support and input from experts, teachers and their pupils from across Europe. Scenes for ISS DVD Lesson 2 were filmed during the DELTA Mission (2004) of Dutch ESA astronaut André Kuipers. The video looks at the effects of a weightless environment on the human body: how our...

Mission 3: Space Matters

This programme from ESA switches between scenes filmed in space and on Earth to demonstrate basic scientific principles in ways that children can relate to. Filmed during the Eneide Mission in 2005, ESA astronaut Roberto Vittori and Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev are shown investigating the nature of matter...