Practical Action

Practical Action is a development charity which uses simple technology to fight poverty. The learning resources in this collection look at how issues such as climate change and the need for renewable energy can be tackled. The resources contain background information, teachers' packs, classroom activities, stimulus sheets and other materials suitable for primary and secondary science.


Practical Action's series of resources for primary teaching.

This collection contains a number of design and technology-related resources for use at STEM clubs.

Practical Action teaching resources which embed sustainability issues into all aspects of D&T. They unpack sustainability terms such as the 6Rs’, present a range of design briefs/STEM challenges set in global context and evaluation tools. Suitable for ages 11-16.

A set of materials produced by Practical Action, with the Association of Science Education (ASE), enabling pupils to work scientifically within a global context.

Through investigation students discover how science is being used to solve real problems in the developing world, and consider how solutions...


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