Edexcel FP1

These MEI Online resources are suitable for use by students studying Edexcel Further Pure Mathematics 1 (FP1).

There are detailed study notes for complex numbers, Powerpoint presentations to demonstrate techniques for factorising polynomials, demonstrations of the Argand diagram, topic related tests and activities to assess student attainment.


These resources, covering the topic of Complex Numbers, are suitable for students following the Edexcel Further Pure 1 Mathematics course (FP1).

Detailed notes for all aspects of this course, together with study plans, exercises, activities, tests and interactive questions are provided.

MEI Online resources for Edexcel FP1 provide a selection of materials for the modulus-argument form of complex numbers. These include thorough notes, a study plan, additional exercises, a multiple choice test and an extension piece of work.

These MEI Online resources for Edexcel FP1 provide information on Complex Numbers and Equations. Topics covered include equating real and imaginary parts, roots of complex numbers and polynomial equations with complex roots. There are also additional exercises for students to complete, PowerPoint presentations...

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