Nuffield Primary Design and Technology

The Nuffield Foundation began supporting design and technology in 1990 by establishing the Nuffield Design and Technology Project. The project's approach focused on 'combining the intellectual with the practical'. A wide range of curriculum materials were produced that work well in the classroom.

This collection contains resources for design and technology at Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Resources within these collections are taken from the 24 Nuffield Primary Solutions units of work. Each unit includes lesson by lesson teaching guidance, a listing of new vocabulary, a description of links to other subjects and full details of resource requirements.



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Adapting QCA Units

From the Nuffield Foundation, the resources in this collection include reports and case studies that look at how the QCA scheme of work units can be developed and integrated with other curriculum areas. The reports describe projects run in primary schools and will give teachers of primary design and technology...

Design and Make

From the Nuffield Foundation, these resources offer a wide range of ideas that will encourage primary children to think about the design and production of different items.

The activities range in their degree of difficulty and help young children to develop basic skills such as cutting, drawing and sticking...

Nuffield Design and Technology Glossary

This glossary, produced by the Nuffield Foundation, explains many of the terms used in design and technology teaching. It is based on the terms which can be found in the Nuffield Primary Design and Technology and information technology materials related to the National Curriculum, but is also relevant to many other...


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