Earth Science Teachers' Association Resources

The Earth Science Teachers' Association have produced a wide range of resources for use by primary, secondary and post-16 teachers and students. Consisting of a range of printed materials, they include teacher guidance as well as classroom resources.

Resources cover general aspects of earth science as well as featuring extensive classroom practical and fieldwork activities. The collection covers areas such as:

* rocks and soil
* weathering, erosion and the rock cycle
* sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks
* the use of rocks in the built environment
* energy and the use of raw materials


These materials, from the Earth Science Teachers' Association, contain hands-on activities that will help students to understand processes such as the water cycle and phenomena like climate change and plate tectonics.

These Earth Science Teachers' Association resources provide an introduction to geology and earth science through practical activities and observations. Each resource has detailed teacher guidance and materials for use with students in the classroom.

The materials cover a large range of topics and include:...

This series of resources, produced by the Earth Science Teachers' Association, help students gain a greater understanding of earth science. Extensive teacher guidance and student materials encourage an investigative approach to the subject.

Areas covered include:

  • the properties of different rock...

Extra Resources

Produced by the Earth Science Teachers' Association, these resources provide useful reference materials and provide ideas for classroom activities in a variety of topics, such as the use of rocks for commemorative purposes and in the built environment.

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