Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC)

Experienced teachers, working for The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC), have created over 100 teaching and learning resources and a suite of interactive and informative websites for use by teachers and students. They show how science works in real-life contexts and demonstrate how the chemical industry is relevant to society.

Resources cover all age ranges and help to:
* enhance the effective teaching of science and technology
* create enthusiasm in school students and children for science and technology
* generate an improved level of understanding between schools and science-based industries
* create a better understanding of the nature and role of science-based industries within society


Product design: an activity based case study of sleeping bags

Produced by The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC), this set of activities allows students to investigate the properties of polymers in relation to the design requirements for a sleeping bag.

Be active, science is fun: the acid test - activity pack for 10-12 year olds

The Acid Test brings together the scientific concepts of acidity, combustion and the water cycle, to help children understand the causes of acid rain. The effects of acid rain are studied by collecting data about the lichen coverage on stone and trees. The unit concludes with a look at initiatives to 'clean up' the...

Kitchen concoctions: a science activity pack for use with 8-11 year old children

The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC) resources put curriculum science in real-life contexts. These materials focus on the use of mixtures in the kitchen and can be used to illustrate the properties of materials.

Healthy drinks and tasty toothpaste

These materials by The Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC) allow children to investigate tooth decay and the effectiveness of toothpaste.


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