Stimulating Physics Programme (Pilot)

The pilot programme sought to increase students' uptake of physics through two distinct but complementary strands, 'Access' work with Higher Education Institutions, and 'Demand' work with clusters of schools.

The Institute of Physics worked with Higher Education Institutions to improve the accessibility and marketability of physics-based degrees to students who do not traditionally study the subject at higher education (HE) level:

*The Teacher Fellowship Scheme seconded physics teachers working in schools and further education (FE) colleges into their local university physics departments. The aim of the Fellowships was to foster stronger school - HE links, and thus ease the transition for students moving between sectors.

*A New Degree - Integrated Sciences was developed and introduced into four university physics departments. The course comprises interdisciplinary sciences, with at least one third physics content.

*The Repackaged Degree project worked with the University of Salford to alter the way physics degrees are presented to students and to try to attract a broader cohort to the subject, without alienating the 'core' students.

The demand strand piloted intervention-based activities designed to increase students' motivation to continue with physics to A-level and beyond. Work took place in participating schools in Leeds, Nottinghamshire and Oxford. Activities focused on teacher development, and students' better understanding pf physics, with the aim of motivating further study.

*The Teacher Support project worked with non-specialist physics teachers to improve their confidence and competence in teaching physics.

*Industry Visits work focused on forging links between schools and industry.

*On-line Networking set up an e-mentoring scheme that matched students aged 13-19 with a mentor who was studying a physics related degree at university, or working in a physics profession.



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Stimulating Physics: Industry Visits

Video clip of a physics-based industrial visit to Sharp Laboratories of Europe Ltd. During the pilot The Industrial Trust organised over sixty visits for schools. Industry visits were arranged to show how physics at school leads to industrial application. In addition, students were shown examples of careers that...

Stimulating Physics: On-line Networking

This video clip illustrates the experience of mentors and school students ('mentees') who took part in online mentoring scheme created by the Institute of Physics and delivered together with The Brightside Trust.  The scheme allows school students to be assigned ...

Stimulating Physics: Repackaging Physics

Market research was conducted to better understand factors affecting young people's decision to study physics at university.

This research informed the re-design of promotional materials for the University of Salford's existing physics degree courses. The physics department at Salford saw an increase in...

Stimulating Physics: Teacher Fellowship Scheme

Video clip illustrating the experience of teachers seconded to their local university physics departments to work on a range of objectives to improve the experience of students making the transition from school to HE.