Stimulating Physics

The Stimulating Physics Programme ran from May 2006 to July 2009. Run by the Institute of Physics, with funding from HEFCE, the pilot programme's core aims were to find ways of increasing the numbers of students taking physics at A-level and progressing onto a degree in physics.

In 2009 the Department for Education awarded the IoP a contract to build on the success of the pilot by establishing a Stimulating Physics Network, in partnership with the Science Learning Centres. The network provides global support for all secondary schools in England and produces a range of resources to support both teachers and pupils.

This collection holds information on the pilot Stimulating Physics Programme. Related resources from the Institute of Physics are available from their 'Careers' collection.

Further information on the Stimulating Physics Network, including the IoP's Physics Network Coordinators and Teaching and Learning Coaches, who work with schools and colleges across England to support events with young people and provide bespoke professional development, is available directly from the Stimulating Physics Network website.



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The pilot programme sought to increase students' uptake of physics through two distinct but complementary strands, 'Access' work with Higher Education Institutions, and 'Demand' work with clusters of schools.

The Institute of Physics worked with Higher Education Institutions to improve the...

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