Mathematics Enhancement Programme (MEP)

The Mathematics Enhancement Programme has been developed over the past few years at the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching. It set out to implement in UK schools the findings of international research. The scheme of work for each year is split into two parts, A and B. The MEP course has been developed in line with MEP philosophy, which encourages: *Whole class interactive teaching, including students working at the board

  • Mental maths skills
  • Correct, precise and orderly spoken and written mathematics
  • More whole class progression with less differentiation
  • Homework to be used as an integral part of the learning.

In particular the aim is to give all students the opportunity to develop their full potential. The material in the course has been specifically developed to encourage the philosophy above and in particular, to promote quality whole class interactive teaching. It is developed from schemes of work, which are essentially based on National Curriculum topics, although some topics of interest and relevance outside the National Curriculum have been included. As well as detail of the philosophy and style of teaching advocated, there is also a full set of curriculum resources for secondary schools, including pupil texts, lesson plans, classroom resources and assessment materials.



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This MEP resource from CIMT is taken from text book 7B which covers the mathematics scheme of work for the second half of year 7. Volume covers the concept of volume, the volume of a cube, the volume of a cuboid, capacity, density and the volume of a triangular prism. The initial file forms part of the textbook....

Cross-Reference Mapping Between MEP and the National Numeracy Strategy

This mapping from CIMT gives the Key Objectives from the Secondary Framework (2001) for each year group and the respective units in the MEP scheme.


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